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Our Instructor

Celéste Lange


Celéste Lange is the owner and principal teacher of Pilates Reform in Helderkruin Roodepoort. 


Celeste started Pilates due to a back injury and has never looked back, realising the value and benefits Pilates offered her, she managed her pain and became physical stronger through Pilates. She knew teaching Pilates could help others as it did for her. 

Celeste is a Fully CERTIFIED STOTT PILATES INSTRUCTOR through Merrithew in:

  • Matwok

  • Reformer 

  • Stability Chair

  • CCB which include: Cadillac, Barrels (Arc barrel, Spine corrector, Ladder barrel) 

  • Certified in Total Barre

  • Certified in Halo Training                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Celeste is Certified in StretchFit Level 1 Teacher Training through Anthony Lett.

Celeste has also completed various Courses such as:

  • Postural Analysis Review

  • Postural Theory & Application to Pilates Exercises

  • Prenatel Pilates on the Reformer

  • Cueing & Modifications on the Reformer for a Client with Postural Issues

  • Injuries & Special Populations

  • Rotational Disks on the Mat

  • Reformer Intervals on Accessory Boards Ideal for Teens

  • Zenga Instructor Foundation Course Mat Level 1

  • Anatomy Review

  • Analyzing Scoliosis (Fusion Pilates EDU)

  • Pilates for Osteoporosis (Basi Pilates)

Celeste comes from a Dancing and Teaching background and started Ballet, Tap and Modern dancing at the age of 8 with Genevieve Madden and late Miss Anna Nel, Bernice Lloyd and Diane Archbell, Spanish Dancing with Gillian Bonegio and Body Conditioning with Pat Gush.  She went to the Afrikaans Art, Ballet, Music and Drama School, Hoërskool Die Kruin in Parktown, Johannesburg and Matriculated in 1990. 


She successfully completed all her Ballet exams up to Advanced level with the Royal Acadamy of Dancing (RAD) as well as her Spanish Dance exams and Teachers exam with The Spanish Dance Society. Celeste had her own School of Dancing - teaching Ballet and Spanish dancing. Celeste also danced Professionally for the Bonegio Spanish Dance Company for many years.


She furthered her studies, obtaining:

  • a National Diploma in Ballet at Technikon Pretoria in 1991 - 1993 

  • B.Comm degree in Business Management, and 2nd Major in Industrial Psychology - 2016


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