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StretchFit Benefits


Stretching is well known to maximize sporting performance and recovery. Anthony Lett, StretchFit creator has worked with world top ten martial artists and professional athletes from dance, football, swimming, tennis and body building. Athletic programs need to be “sports specific.” Talk to us about your needs.


Increase range of motion & flexibility

Full range of movement is essential for quality of life. No other activity increases flexibility as safely and effectively as StretchFit stretching. In fact, most other activities decrease range of movement. We say that “while aerobic activity and strength training might keep you alive, stretching will make it worth being alive!”


Reduce chronic pain

Back pain is the number one health complaint in the world. Body pain and osteoarthritis are also enormous problems in our sedentary city environments. Stretching is a fundamental antidote. Anthony’s number one selling book “Hack Your Low Back” makes him suitably qualified to design equipment and training to treat these ubiquitous problems.


Stress management

80% of medical visits in 2016 were stress related. Stress is the major cause of death in the western world. Stretching induces the “relaxation response,” counterbalancing the negative effects of stress like elevated blood pressure, narrowing of arteries and depressed immune function. A recent Harvard study found the practice of slow precision stretching reduced cancerous tumor growth. 



Like to improve your posture, movement and grace? Stretching changes your postural alignment, reducing strain on joints, overworked muscles and provides a sense of ease and poise. Postural changes occur at any age, and its never too early or late to work on yours.

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