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Celeste Lange has been trained by Anthony Lett creator, founder and author of StretchFit.

Pilates Reform is proud to OPEN the first StretchFit Studio, in South Africa and the Studio is based in Helderkruin Roodepoort.


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Stretching has been practiced for millennia in various forms. Stretching equipment has also been used for centuries because it is well known that when the body is gently supported, it releases. It’s called “positional release.” The StretchFit approach is to use modern equipment to target specific muscles and to facilitate maximum support and relaxation in each stretch.

You can’t get it wrong, and you can’t feel silly because it's focused and easy.


It’s a stretch experience like no other. You’ll feel like a well-oiled machine again!

  • Everybody needs to stretch, and to be able to do so affordably. Thus, Anthony purpose built a range of elegant and simple equipment to make it safe, anatomically based and effective.

  • There’s no guessing “am I doing it right” and no dogma. Our sessions are truly for everybody, they are all about the person, not the pose.

  • For injury prevention, rehab, stress reduction, pain management, sports recovery & performance enhancement, and of course, for anyone who wants to feel great again, there’s simply nothing like it!


The StretchFit Approach

Come and loosen up with StretchFit. You will love it!

What's Different About Our Approach?

In addition to our exclusive equipment, we use an approach well known in the field of exercise and medical science called PNF, which uses the bodies reflexes to rapidly improve your flexibility gains. It's simple to use and profound in its effects. 

Types of Classes

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Clients are assessed and a stretch program according to the individuals needs are suggested.


Clients ‘receive’ stretches, on the various StretchFit Stations, but also learn some self-stretching approaches in the session.




Once you have completed your assessment class you can join the Group class, (for those who are stiff in all the wrong places!) This class is for all the “Stiffies” out there. Every class covers all the major muscle groups of the body in a precise and methodical approach. 


Group classes are suitable for every body, although injured or elderly clients might do better in a private environment.

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