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  • Why Pilates Reform?
    Great Question! Although not one that can be answered on a single page. We much rather would like to express who we are in person. So why not come join us for a once-off class.
  • Why Pilates?
    Pilates is more than just a workout, it’s a Total-Body Workout. It Improves Mind-Body awareness and is perfect for everybody. Not only does it increase flexibility, it also improves posture and concentration. For more of the amazing benefits of Pilates, visit our Benefits of Pilates page. P.S. You're doing great with the questions!
  • What is STRETCHFIT?
    StretchFit is amazing. You will be surprised at how simple but effective stretching is. You need to experience it! Pilates Reform is proud to open the FIRST StretchFit Studio, in South Africa and the Studio is based in Helderkruin Roodepoort. The StretchFit approach is to use modern equipment to target specific muscles and to facilitate maximum support and relaxation in each stretch. You can’t get it wrong, and you can’t feel silly because it's focused and easy. It’s a stretch experience like no other. You’ll feel like a well-oiled machine again! View our StretchFit Benefits page for more info.
  • How do I book a class?
    Gosh! The amazing questions just keep rolling in. You are a keeper! Classes can be booked via email or by giving us a call. Another fantastic way is by booking and paying for your class from our online booking portal with Instant Eft via Payfast. Have a look at our price list for more info.
  • What do I wear to class?
    Wear comfortable exercise clothing ad avoid loose fitting clothing. Pilates is conducted "shoe free" and "clean grip socks" are essential (ask your instructore more about this). Bring your own water bottle and towel to class. Comfy is Key! Nothing is worse than a top sqeezing you like a python in a death grip while you're trying to work up a sweat. So wear anything that you would feel comfortable moving in. Other than that wear your best smile.
  • What is STOTT PILATES®?
    Oh stop it! I can't deal with you amazingness! STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. Co-founders Lindsay G. Merrithew and Moira Merrithew, along with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, have spent three decades refining the STOTT PILATES method of exercise and equipment. This resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science, fascial fitness and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and most effective methods available. This clear and detailed approach forms the basis for STOTT PILATES training and Certification programs. STOTT PILATES is used by rehab, post-rehab and prenatal clients, athletes, celebrities and everyone in between. STOTT PILATES® exercises help both men and women of all ages develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture, without building bulk or stressing joints. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training or rehabilitation, STOTT PILATES can help you tone your body, feel revitalized and move with ease. The aim of contemporary, anatomically-based Pilates training such as STOTT PILATES, is to develop optimal neuromuscular performance by focusing on core stability, while safely balancing muscular strength with flexibility. Whether performed on a Mat or on specialized equipment, Pilates that incorporates modern theories of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation should include 5 basic biomechanical principles.
  • What are the 5 Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES®?
    1. BREATHING Breathing properly promotes effective oxygenation of the blood, focuses the mind on each task and helps avoid unnecessary tension, particularly in the neck, shoulders and mid-back. Exhaling deeply can also help activate the deep support muscles of the body. 2. PELVIC PLACEMENT It is key to emphasize stabilization of the pelvis and lumbar spine both statically and dynamically in all positions and throughout all movements. The two positions most often used are neutral and imprint. In a neutral position, the natural anteriorly convex curve of the lumbar spine is present. In most cases, when lying supine, the triangle formed by the ASIS and the symphysis pubis should be parallel to the Mat. This is the most stable and optimal shockabsorbing position and a good place from which to promote efficient movement patterns. 3. RIB CAGE PLACEMENT The abdominal wall attaches to the lower ribs. The abdominal muscles must often be recruited to maintain the rib cage and the thoracic spine, in proper alignment. Often the rib cage will tend to lift up in the supine position or deviate forward in a sitting position, extending the thoracic spine. Pay particular attention while inhaling or elevating the arms. Engagement of the obliques will ensure proper alignment at all times. 4. SCAPULAR MOVEMENT AND STABILISATION Stabilising scapulae on the rib cage is as important as contracting the abdominal muscles during the initiation of every exercise. When stability is absent, there is a tendency to overwork muscles around the neck and shoulders. 5. HEAD AND CERVICAL PLACEMENT The cervical spine should hold its natural curve with the skull balancing directly above the shoulders when sitting in neutral. This position should also be maintained when lying on the back. If there is a kyphosis or forward head posture, pads or pillows under the head may be necessary to support the head, and prevent overextension and unnecessary tension in the cervical spine. By introducing these principles and reinforcing them, awareness of how the body moves is developed. This mind-body awareness ensures focus on precision and control in any Pilates program.
  • What benefits will STOTT PILATES® workouts offer you?
    You must be a genius for asking such great questions! STOTT PILATES has a number of benefits. ・Builds core strength and stability ・Improves posture and alignment ・Increases flexibility, balance and coordination ・Improves muscular balance and strength ・Increases muscular endurance and tone ・Prevents injury and heightens body awareness ・Enhances athletic performance ・Relieves stress and back pain
  • What should I bring to class?
    Besides a dazzling smile and killer personality? Please bring a towel and water bottle to class. Socks are compulsory. Due to Covid-19 there will be Hygiene procedures in place, please wear a mask at all times.
  • Are you Hygienically prepared for Covid-19?
    Probably the best question you have asked thus far! Well done! Yes we are. The safety of clients and each other are of top priority. The studio is equiped with strict hygiene protocols. ・Hand sanitiser will be provided at the door and you will be required to conduct a temperature test with an Infrared thermometer gun supplied by the studio. ・You will be required to remove all unecessary clothing items like jackets, and shoes before entering and stored in a safe allocated area before partaking in the class. ・You will also be required to sanitise your hands before starting your class and during class while working on or with the equipment. ・Please wear a mask at all times while at the studio. Your Cooperation with this very strict matter is appreciated in advance. Let's all remain safe and keep our families safe.
  • How often should I exercise?
    Answer coming soon
  • Do I sign a contract?
    Answer coming soon
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